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Automating complex inspection tasks for Rolls-Royce

Turbine engines must be regularly inspected to detect key maintenance requirements given the quality, cost and safety critical nature of the product. Find out how we worked with Rolls-Royce on its INSPECT system to design and develop algorithms that identify defects in compressor blades in videos of engines spinning down after use.


Developing Rolls-Royce's Intelligent Borescope with AI

Published on 19th February 2021

Roke has applied its expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to accelerate the development of Rolls-Royce’s industry-first Intelligent Borescope.


Roke and Rolls-Royce accelerate the delivery of future aerospace capabilities

Published on 2nd November 2020

Roke has been chosen as a key technology partner on the REINSTATE project, led by Rolls-Royce with support from the ATI Programme, to accelerate the delivery of future aerospace servicing capabilities.


Roke collaborates with Rolls-Royce on US Navy contract

Published on 20th January 2021

Roke is the long-term technology partner on the FanSense project, and this 12 month research contract will help to further develop and validate the monitoring system, which is currently being used on the Pegasus engine.



Helping aerospace customers improve efficiency and remove costs across their whole value chain

Team Roke

Luke: Engineering success

Meet Luke, Head of Engineering for our Futures Business Unit. He discusses how he influences the way our Engineers solve critical problems for our customers, and the importance of bringing in the next generation of Rokies.


Critical national infrastructure

Utilising our deep understanding of large networks of operational technology to support energy businesses and organisations.