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The Challenge

Law enforcement officers are having to respond to criminals' use of electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones and home security appliances. With the introduction of the UK government’s Investigatory Powers Act 2016 and Police Act 1996, officers warranted to do so may use computing devices to detect and interfere with criminals' devices. However, they are increasingly finding keeping pace with changing technologies challenging.

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The Approach

We’ve capitalised on our knowledge of applicable law to create a system that ensures only the appropriate tools are available to an operation, allowing an effective response whilst also fulfilling the requirement to demonstrate necessity and proportionality within the law.

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UK law enforcement officers now have a toolset that is capable of locating, monitoring and, if necessary, blocking or disrupting targeted criminal devices and networks. Access to the toolset is controlled by a workflow system aligned to the legal warrant required for use. The system is designed for use by a non-expert and can be run on a variety of computing platforms.

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