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Security innovations for a changing world

As a trusted partner to government, we research, design and build solutions that protect and support its missions. Our extensive expertise in developing bespoke software at scale within customer infrastructure and public cloud means we can both advise, deliver and support your organisation’s digital transformation.

Our 60 year innovation heritage is reflected in our ability to use Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to solve real, complex data problems, enabled by our expertise in systems engineering, agile software development, security assurance and cryptographic technologies.

We’ve earned the confidence and trust of governments, agencies and organisations around the globe, helping to make the world a safer place for millions of people.

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World-leading products & services for National Security

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Shadow Select: Targeted interception system

Shadow Select is a full-featured targeted interception system that includes complex breach prevention controls and tasking management.

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Shadow Seeker: Targeted equipment interference capability

Shadow Seeker provides a framework of capabilities that allow law enforcement officers to acquire data and disrupt wireless devices through equipment interference techniques.

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Horizon Scanning: An algorithmic approach

HASE is a data science technology horizon scanning tool set, enabling the accumulation of data from academic papers, patents and the internet.

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Media Miner™

Media Miner™ rapidly triages videos and images, finding common scenes and objects amongst huge quantities of imagery and video

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Cyber Launchpad

Upskilling your cyber skills-base

Our Cyber Launchpad give our customers the tools and techniques they need to solve their problems through upskilling their people in a wide range of cyber skills.

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Did you know?

Roke developed ANPR

In the early 1990s Roke was influential in developing automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) technology. While the concept of ANPR had already been invented, it was Roke’s pioneering use of software that further developed the technology. Originally developed to read serial numbers from aircraft tail fins, Roke went on to sell hundreds of licenses, becoming widely used by the Netherlands police (via Siemens Netherlands).

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