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What we do

Providing security through research and development

Acquired by Roke in 2021, Cubica builds state-of-the-art algorithms, real-time software, and highly specialised turn-key systems for analysing and exploiting sensor data, digital media content (images, video, text and audio) and open source information. Working almost exclusively in the Defence and National Security sector, many of Cubica's technologies have been developed and commissioned to detect criminal behaviour, protect assets and help save lives. Its work comes from winning competed research contracts and IP licensing sales, as well as significant numbers of directed/sole-source projects reflecting its expertise and reputation.

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Image Processing

Cubica has extensive experience in all areas of image processing and computer vision, including learning-based techniques that approach and exceed human level performance in abstract content recognition.​

Machine Learning

Cubica applies the latest machine learning technology in much of its work, including deep learning neural networks.

Data Fusion​

As experts in the fusion of data from multiple sources such as images, sensors, and OSINT, Cubica builds accurate and reliable understanding of situations and events. This is under-pinned by a strong background in statistics and probability.​


The technology Cubica develops is designed to reduce analyst burden and remove people from hazardous situations. Applications include analyst-in-the-loop support tools, sensor management for base protection, and Level 5 cooperative autonomous surveillance systems.