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What is Shadow Select?

Full-featured targeted interception system

Shadow Select is a full-featured targeted interception system that includes complex breach prevention controls and tasking management, as well as highly flexible probes. Most consumer communications must flow through the infrastructure of communications service providers, irrespective of bearers, end points, operating systems or devices. The ability to lawfully intercept these communications is an essential capability for law enforcement organisations.

Our targeted interception systems have been deployed for over 10 years and are trusted by operators and governments in countries across the world.


Access points
Scalable to support thousands of access points, with on-switch and off-switch options

Probe speed
A range of supported probes at 1G, 10G and 100G speeds


Fast processing
Ultra-low latency to process high volumes of data at speed

Full flexibility
Capability to select targets using major telecommunications identifiers, with additional option for flexible string search algorithms

Key benefits

Intercept capability
Intercept targeted communications centrally, or many targets simultaneously, without the need for proximity or access to target equipment

Full compliance
Full range of breach detection and prevention mechanisms built in to ensure compliance with local legal requirements

The Shadow Select system provides 99.99% availability and full remote upgrade capability, minimising operational costs and down-time for in-service upgrades

Trusted operation
Appropriately authorised law enforcement organisations are able to track multiple target activities, movements and communications without the need for covert surveillance teams


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