What is the MRA Type 1?

Designed for unmanned platforms

Designed for plug and play installation, the MRA Type 1 is environmentally robust and will operate in dusty or misty conditions, as well as over water. The MRA Type 1 is an ideal fit for target drones that operate at high speeds and require high maneuverability. This is a standard fit on a series of unmanned platforms.

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Transceiver unit and separate antenna

Plug and play installation

Environmentally robust

Suitable for high speeds and highly maneuverable

Key benefits

Wide operational range
Operational range of up to 700m and down to 5m. This allows for both low-level and sea-skimming flights

High speed
Operates on platforms with ground speeds of up to 300 m/s (580 knots)

Highly maneuverable
Wide tolerance in pitch and roll allows the MRA Type 1 to operate on high maneuverability platforms

Small design
The smallest and lightest radar altimeter in its class

Energy efficient
Consumes less than 3W on average


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Roke On Mars

Did you know?

Parts of our MRAs have been to Mars

We are proud to have worked on the British Beagle 2 Mars Lander. Our Miniature Radar Altimeter was used to deploy the air bags to cushion its landing on Mars on Christmas Day 2003. Infamously, contact was lost with the lander when it began its descent to the Martian surface. In 2015, NASA found it was the lander’s solar panels that failed to deploy.

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