Dr David Butler

David joined Roke in February 2019 as Public Sector Director. He has 25 years’ experience of consultancy, leading complex engineering and mission critical programmes in both the public and private sectors.

Since joining Roke, David has led its Public Sector business which provides advice, innovation, analysis, architecture and engineering expertise to organisations across multiple sectors.

Throughout his career David has solved clients’ problems by providing leadership and advice on a variety of topics including innovation, data science, portfolio & programme management, IT implementation and corporate and industrial systems cyber security. He has had the privilege of working in many roles such as, part of Roke’s Senior Leadership Team, Board member of both Atkins Management Consultancy Division and Metronet (one of the UK’s largest Public Finance Transport Initiatives) and a member of a Client Senior Management Group.

David is passionate and committed to doing the right thing and is recognised for collaboration, conviction and determination, with a collaborative and open style.